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What all we do

Security of property, home and business is at constant risk of compromise in the modern world. BOPS provide a comprehensive array of equipment and personalized private security services to protect your environment and assets while complying with stringent legal standards. We offer a range of services as-

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Industrial Security & Fire safety Management.

We provide a comprehensive security and fire safety management service with specially trained manpower, which makes us an ideal partner for survey, design, audit, management and control of security system.
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Electronic Security

BOPS has alliances with all major brands in the electronic security system industries which gives us the flexibility to provide ready to use services to our clients. Some of the products and services are, CCTV Cameras, Access Control Systems like, Proximity and Smart Card based, Biometric based, Flap barriers, Boom Barriers, Metal detectors (hand held and door frames), Fire detection systems, home security and intrusion detection system, Building management systems, Baggage scanners and Perimeter fencing.
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Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services (FMS) division is headed by a well experienced young professional from hotel industry with wide experience. Services provided by FMS are Guest House Management of Corporate houses, drivers, housekeeping services, horticulture, Electric and plumbing maintenance services and Pest control.
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Event Security Management

We provide comprehensive security cover including mobile quick reaction teams for the duration of the event.
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Emergency Management Services

The intention and aim of the Emergency Management Services is to implement tasks to continue and develop an emergency services system by planning, preparing and providing for the prevention and management of emergencies or disasters that present a threat to the lives and property of our clients. BOPS has a well experienced and aware team of professionals who are trained for action to any emergency situation. The team keeps a track of all the major happenings in the area of work and informs clients on the precautionary and remedial steps to be taken to prevent any situation that might affect them.
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Security Audits & consultancy

BOPS is equipped with an experienced team of professionals who carry out audits and surveys for our clients. Based on the extensive survey and findings, we advice our clients about the various kinds of security needs, processes, equipment and manpower requirements to fulfill the same. Specifically the minimum scope of the risk assessment and audit includes ;Physical Protection and Access Control, Physical Security Awareness and Training, Security Process and Procedure Development, Disaster Management, Supporting Utilities Control ,System Reliability and Contingency Plans.
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Corporate Intelligence

There are a lot of external factors that contribute to the growth or decline of any organization. Activities of the competition, surrounding situations, financial information, manpower etc are the major factors to a smooth business. With our wide network and people, we are able to gather dependable data and information which is useful and meaningful to our clients. We also analyze the inputs for countermeasures to stall any negative activities that directly affect the client’s operations.
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Antecedent Verification & Detective Services

Our wide network and specialized professionals carry out specific tasks according to the client’s requirements. Our team carries out independent verifications and investigations for our clients. Details about the individual’s profile including previous work, experience, appointments held, approximate salary and other industry related activities performed earlier are furnished with utmost secrecy. Services are: Pre-and Post-Employment Verification, Pre and Post marital Verification, Antecedent Verification Theft and missing person’s investigation.